Tony & Belle Headshots offer professional photography headshots and portraits, operating from my home studio in London W12. I shoot for artistic and corporate professionals including actors, musicians, dancers, office workers and even individuals who just want a nice photo of themselves. My name is Angel Armogida.

Having worked on the other side of the camera in my early 20’s, I decided to try my hand looking through the viewfinder rather than at the lens when my home educated daughter started showing an interest in photography. She now “works” as my small assistant on shoots; adjusting lighting, fetching water, taking coats and telling jokes which never fail to bring out the clients’ beautiful smiles. She took this portrait of me. I’m undecided whether it’s her emerging skills as a photographer or my good looks which makes the photo great.

I took my first photography course in 2004, back then on 35mm film, and I have 20 years of photo editing experience, thanks to teenage acne and a reluctance to do homework (which was what I should have been doing instead of giving myself green eyes in Photoshop!). In 2018 I received a Diploma with Distinction in Digital Photography.

I love to photograph people. It is incredible how much emotion and feeling can be captured in a split second. I shoot fast; most of the photos I take have less than a second between them, but the images can be so dramatically different. One tilt of the head, the blink of an eyelid, a deep breath; the moment a subconscious thought enters our mind it alters the way we project ourselves on the most minute level, barely noticeable in everyday life; but there it is, a stolen moment captured forever in one single photograph.

The name Tony & Belle comes from the names of two of my biggest inspirations. My beloved late father Antonio, known to his friends as Tony, who died when I was 16, and my precious kitty Belle, who died age 12 in February 2018.