Professional Headshot Package – £145

Ideal for actors/models as well as corporate professionals. A 45 minute shoot inside a 1 hour window with up to 350 photos taken (sometimes more), 60-90 of the best sent to you in a contact sheet for review within 24 hours, and 5 professionally retouched images.

You can bring as many shirts to change into as you wish, however keep in mind the shoot is roughly 45 minutes long, so shirt changes will need to be quick if you have quite a few.

Your chosen photos will be lightly retouched, meaning you won’t end up with plastic-looking skin. No one sane wants to look like a Ken doll. I’ll of course remove spots and blemishes, stray hair strands and any temporary scars, but I won’t remove birthmarks, moles or beautiful freckles. I’ll soften pores, wrinkles and dark circles, but you’ll still look like you.

  • 45 minute shoot (allow up to 1 hour)
  • Up to 350 photos taken
  • 60-90 photos sent for review
  • 5 professionally retouched photos*
  • Recommended 3 shirt options

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* additional retouched photos are £20 each. Please note that as always, I do not release any photos that I have not retouched. This allows me to keep track of, and control the quality of, photos that are released under the name Tony & Belle.